CSTR's Seminar Series
This is a personal bookkeeping of the seminars held in the CSTR/NJIT since 2007. It may be incomplete.

Date Speaker Title

Past Seminars
Jan 22 KyungSuk Cho Studies of the Solar Eruption on 2004 August 18
  RokSoon Kim CME earthward direction as an important geoeffective parameter
Sep-Nov Journal Club <-Click for the full list
Aug 15 Bernhard Kliem Flux Rope Instabilities and Shock Formation in Coronal Mass Ejections
Nov 2 Seminar Day <-Click for the full list
Current Term
Jan 28 Andrew J. Gerrard The Lower and Middle Atmosphere for Village Idiots
Feb 28 Yaj Bhattacharya Characterization of Atmospheric Waves in the Arctic Winter Mesopause
Mar 27 Pengfei Chen EIT waves: Observations and Modelings
Mar 31 Thomas Wiegelmann Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields: Source of Space Weather
Apr 1 All CSTR members TBD
Apr 3 Carsten Denker Perspectives for Solar Physics at Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
Apr ? Jeongwoo Lee Frequency Distributions of Solar Microwave Burst Parameters

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